MST  Scalar  Energy  Pendant                           


Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is Scalar energy?

Scalar energy is the new world of scalar electromagnetism, the zero-point energy, the energy of the absolute nothingness which existed before the world began. MSTPENDANT

2. Who discovered the science of scalar energy?

Nikola Tesla is  the father of scalar electromagnetic. Tesla's name for this energy, also called "scalar energy" or "zero-point" energy was "Radiant Energy." MSTPENDANT


3. What is the scientific principle of MST Scalar Energy


The principle of MST Scalar Energy Pendant is simple.At all times,your body is generating a complete spectrum of energies and frequencies– from the very beneficial to the not so beneficial. The MST scalar Energy reflecting devices is selectively block a pre-chosen beneficial frequency from escaping, focus it,concentrate it,and then feed it back into the body.   MSTPENDANT

4. How does the MST Scalar Energy works?

MST Scalar Energy Pendantis a device using the power of natural minerals like crystals (more than 70 types) to charge your body with the right Frequencies to Prevent Disease.The energy use is merely of what frequency and amplitude.   MSTPENDANT

5.  How is the MST Scalar Energy Pendant going to help?

You will feel more energetic, more focused,be less prone to

suffer froheadaches and can better cope with stress.Any aches and pains should gradually disappear. MSTPENDANT


6.  Should I wear the MST Scalar Energy Pendant all the time?

Yes,even when you are taking a bath or during swimming.  MST pendants are unlike other ceramicbase pendant. MST pendants are concealed with stainless steel casing and they are water resistant, unbreakable and more durable.  MSTPENDANT


7. Can I wear it during sleeping time?


Yes,for certain people Scalar Energy Pendant do improve sleep quality.For those who get so energetic and active will find difficult to fall into sleep may remove it while slepping. So it depends on individual sleeping habits.               MSTPENDANT


8.    How quick will I be able to notice the effects and benefits of Scalar energy?


The effects of Scalar Energy that are experience difference from person to person.  Some respond within a few hours while others may require up to a month to register its effects.If there is still no effect after a month,removing it for a week is sometimes the bestway to monitor how it has been of benefited.   MSTPENDANT


9.  Will the Scalar energy in the MST pendant ruin due to  oxidation process?


No, it will last a lifetime because the stainless steel casing is preventing the ruin of energy due to oxidation.  Other ceramic base pendant seems to lose the energy in few months time.And most of the ceramic base pendant tends to be broken due to daily wear and tear.  MSTPENDANT


10. Are there any side-effects of wearing a MST Scalar

Energy Pendant?


MST Scalar Energy Pendant is non-magnetic,non-electrical and do not emits any radioactive radiation.Some have experienced a strange or uncomfortable feeling during the first few days due to symptomatic of the body adjusting to the effects of the right energy level.If the discomfort continues,remove the pendant from the body and wear it again the next day.  MSTPENDANT

11. What can a weak or old age people do while start wearing a MST Scalar energy Pendant?


For weak and old age people,it is suggestive that start wearing with 4hours a day at first and gradually increase the wearing time for 2 hours everyday until 12 hours a day to allow our body get used to it .  MSTPENDANT


12.  Can MST Scalar Energy pendant help in reducing pain such as Migraine, Knee, Elbow or Shoulder pain?


Yes, many people have tried that, just place the MST scalar Energy pendant on top of the affected area or rubbing it gently with the MST Scalar Energy Pendant.It is very effective reducing body pain.    MSTPENDANT



13.  Why do some people experience an initial worsening of the pain on wearing a Scalar Energy Pendant?


This is known as the 'reverse healing process' which may occur prior to resolution of the symptoms.And the reverse healing will take place for one to two weeks and after that you will be recovered.        MSTPENDANT


14. Why do we use the MST Scalar Energy Pendant to energize drinking water?

The principle of energy enhancementmodifies the physical structure of water to smaller molecules and become more permeable to body cell.The net result is the charged water is more energize and it promotes detoxification too.  MSTPENDANT


15. Howto charge drinking water using a MST Scalar

Energy Pendant?


Place a MST Scalar Energy pendant underneath a glass or a bottle of water for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Scalar Energy is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity.The water now is energized and is good for drinking.  MSTPENDANT


16.  What are the benefits of drinking energized water?


It is the same as the benefits of wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant and the effects last 4-24 hours depending on the individual's energy level.The water has a fresher and more pleasant taste.Some have applied the energized water to the skin for chronic skin diseases. It is best to help detoxification and spraying it on to the hair to promote hair growth.  MSTPENDANT


17.  What is the pH of energized Scalar Energy Pendant water?


Energizing the drinking water with Scalar energy Pendant does not change the pH of water.Drinking water is safer when neutral pH,as it is in its natural state.  Scalar Energy pendant does not tamper with the natural safe pH of energized healing water.So it may not do any harm to our body.  MSTPENDANT


18.  Can MST pendant help to improve our Aura and Chakra?


We have done the test of energy level, balancing,flexibility and many more in front of thousands. We even had test edit out with the Aura imaging machine that record the Aura stages of a person before and after wearing a MST Scalar Energy Pendant.By wearing a MST pendant, our energy level or aura and chakra is then more balanced, this is a scientific proving for MST pendant that we have done.      MSTPENDANT

19.  What has the Scalar Energy to do with Oxygen in blood?


Scalar Energy increased oxygen potential in the blood cells and increases energy levels.The natural molecular structure locks in the oxygen and other gases within the liquid into quantum suspension.These gases cannot evaporate,as they are part of the liquid.This inturn allows the body's DNA to absorb oxygen at much higher levels than can be found in other liquids.    MSTPENDANT

20.   How is it used to lock the chlorinated water?


Place a scalar energy pendant outside fish tank or water container may help to remove water that contains chlorine. The new molecular structure of the water will remove the smell taste and odor of chlorine. Yet the chlorine is still effective and will not endanger fish or plants.      MSTPENDANT


21.         How does the energy transfer from one to the other object or water in MST Scalar Energy Pendant?


The pendant energy resonates into the liquid where it picks up’ the resonance.The resonance generated is similar to that which is found in the earth surrounding many healing spring waters of the world. Much research is now focused on this fact as 70% of our body are made of water and it is important to nourish the body with the correct molecular structured water.  MSTPENDANT

22.             How Scalar Energy works in our body?

Scalar Energy’s expansive and circular movement offers a field of protective shield around the body. This protective shield removes and cancels the effects of man-made frequencies (60 HZ) on the human body. This is achieved by enhancing the body’s natural defenses against the damaging radiations coming from the various household and industrial appliances that surrounds us. MSTPENDANT

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