Why We Need Scalar Energy?



While enjoying the convenience and convenience and comfort of technology,
we may be unknowingly causing  damages to our own health through
exposure to electromagnetic radiation.Due to its tasteless and odorless
nature,electromagnetic radiation ( EMR ) may be more detrimental to our
health than formaldehyde,ammonia,benzene,and radon,Electromagnetic
radiation can be categorized into Long-wave,Medium wave,Short-wave,
Ultra shot wave and Microwave.Among EMRs,microwave is the most
hazardous and have most impact on our health.Microwave ovens and
cell phone being the most common sources of Microwave radiation.
Electromagnetic radiation cannot be seen or touched, it is difficult to
sense, and thus people are often unaware of its hidden effects.
Long period of exposure to strong electromagnetic environment will
result in
physical fatigue,
loss of concentration;
forgetfulness & restlessness.

These are all the negative impacts of electromagnetic waves.
Electromagnetic radiation will suppress our body's natural immune
system, reduce calcium level and lead to abnormal pregnancy,
miscarriage,visual disturbance, abnormal cell division which may
lead to cancer,leukemia,brain tumors,etc....
In addition, electromagnetic wave release positive ions which will
affect the central nervous system, causing headache,dizziness,
fatigue,and sleepiness.

Electromagnetic radiation exists in many aspects of our daily
life-from household electrical appliance, electronic facilities,
mobile communication equipments to industrial electrical
installations satellite signal transmission stations, advance
military communications equipment, and detection equipments
-electromagnetic radiation is produced each time any of these
equipment is operated?                                                                                                                    

Although we depend on Electromagnetic magnetic radiations
for convenience and comfort, people are becoming increasingly
aware of its adverse effects on health; people are now
beginning to look for ways to minimize the negative impact
brought on by Electromagnetic radiation.....


3D -MRA Test ( Magnetic Resonance Angiography -
Sectional Analysis of Human Brain Function ) 
The negative effect of mobile phone radiation was confirmed by 3D-MRA test
which was conducted by Tex Chu Technology Corp,Taipei Taiwan.Test was
conducted on human subject who has exposed to mobile phone radiation .
Magnectic Resonance Angiography ( MRA ) is a technique for imaging blood
vessels that contain flowing blood.Magnetic resonance angiography is used
to generate picture of the arteries in order to evaluate them for stenosis
( abnormal narrowing ) or aneurysms ( vessel wall dilatations,at risk of rupture )                                                                                   
MRA is often used to evaluate the arteries of the neck and brain.
Test provides analysis for the following section : Cerebrum ,top view
; Cross section of brain at the brain stem level;Arteries of brain,bottom
view section : Cerebrum,top view ; Cross section of brain at the brain
stem level;Arteries of brain.bottom view of brain;Left-Right hemisphere
sequence  function;                                                                                                                                                                       

* First angiogram : Control ,subject was not exposed to mobile phone   radiation                                                                 
* Second angiogram : After exposure to mobile phone radiation                                                              
The MRA angiograms clearly show the substantial negative effect of radiation
generated by mobile phone on the state of blood vessels in all part of the brain area.